Hello. My name is Rich and I design and develop web applications. My work ranges from high-end e-commerce based websites to simple, community oriented projects, and social media marketing.

Creative Philosophy

While my primary focus is usually function in the back-end, design in the front-end is a huge part of the development process. A website's design is the first thing a user sees and it becomes the filter through which they see the rest of the website- even if the functionality is fantastic, the common user will base their assessment of the entire website on the overall style. A perfect harmony must be achieved between form and function in order to make a website successful.

Web DesignWeb Design

Since the new HTML 5 and CSS 3 standards have become available to more users through browser adoption, I have committed myself to these standards in designing stunning products that are capable of merging form and function in a way never before possible in web design.


For the most part, I prefer creating graphics in a vector environment. None of my projects use free, out-of-the-box graphics, so I prefer to make my own.

Application DevelopmentApplication Development

One of the best parts of my portfolio comes from some time I spent working with PSLC on a suite of web-based applications designed to test different foreign language learning methods to find the most effective. It was awesome and I haven't stopped developing awesome applications.

Social MediaSocial Media

It's hard to imagine, but social media plays an incredibly important role in the success or failure of virtualy anything web-based. Knowing how to employ those media as tools for success is vital to developing a sustainable presence on the internet. Oh yeah... I do that, too.

Latest Works